AngieHi, I’m Angie.

When I first started cooking, to say I knew very little is not an exaggeration. However, I soon realized that I was enjoying the experience of finding out how. Over time my family grew. I was cooking meals for my husband, Paul, and our four children, as well as other family members and friends.

Having gathered a lot of recipes that I wanted to remember, and jotted down tips and information I have come across along the way, there is now quite a collection. And that is where I find myself today. Wishing to share the recipes and tips I have found. We have lived in both the U.K. and Canada and I have had to work with ingredients for recipes on both sides of the Atlantic. The differences in terms and ingredients are mentioned in each recipe, and in the Tips section, to help you whichever side of the pond you live on.

As well, I try to be careful about what’s in the foods I buy and cook with whole foods as much as I can. Any information I have discovered has found itself into each recipe as I have written it up. They have been gathered from a number of sources and I have played about with them to see what works.

Where possible I have written up the recipes to serve four. I think it is easy to work from this. Generally, you can halve the amounts for two as easily as you can increase them to serve six or eight. Also, the first one I wrote up happened to be from the U.K. so I listed the U.K. ingredients first and then the equivalents for Canada and the U.S. where appropriate. To make the recipes consistent, I have now followed this throughout.

There are recipes that we enjoy in the winter and all the way through to those which are quick to prepare on a hot, summer’s day. I will be adding new ones as the seasons go by and I hope you will discover some you may wish to try, and remember too.


PaulHi, and I’m Paul.

A couple of interests that I’ve had for most of my life stand me in good stead to support Angie in compiling this collection of recipes.

The first is a love of good food and I’ve been very lucky to have been at the receiving end of Angie’s collection and her skill in bringing them to the table.

I’ve also had a lifetime’s interest in photography, initially as a hobby and more recently, running a business photographing residential and commercial properties.

You might wonder how taking pictures of properties qualifies me to take pictures of food, aside from knowing how to handle a camera. Well, there is one important similarity. When photographing properties, you’re not allowed to lie. You can’t Photoshop out an unsightly pole just because it’s in the way. So I don’t use shaving soap for whipped cream, brown shoe polish to make meat look richer, or motor oil instead of syrup – even if they might make the food look ‘better’. Our pictures are honest depictions of how these recipes turn out. After all, we eat the props!

Another interest is more recent. Baking. Seduced by those TV programmes, I guess. So you can blame me for the Breads and Buns section!