Framboise Liqueur
  • Ingredients
  • raspberries
  • caster sugar/fine white sugar
  • vodka

  • Equipment
  • a preserving jar or wide necked bottle

  1. Method
  2. Choose enough perfect raspberries to fill the jar or bottle.

  3. Prick each berry with a fine skewer or preferably a clean darning needle which is finer. Pop into the jar or bottle as you go.

  4. Add the sugar to cover a third of the berries and top up with the vodka.

  5. Seal and keep in a cool, dark spot for at least a month. The sugar will melt and the fruit will give up its colour to the spirit.

  6. Strain the liqueur and rebottle. It can be used in dessert dishes, for example, fruit trifles, over ice cream or in fruit salads.


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