Over the years I’ve had problems with batters and sponge mixtures without knowing why. In Canada, my Yorkshire puddings wouldn’t rise as they did in the U.K. Sponge cakes didn’t turn out as light as I’d expected.

I always put it down to the flour. After all, water’s water, milk’s milk, and hens in Canada lay the same eggs as they do in the U.K. But after getting differences in flour sorted (see Flour), and still having problems, I needed to look further.

What I found was that egg sizes aren’t the same! A large egg in Canada and the U.S. is graded as a medium egg in the U.K. Don’t ask me why. But it can make quite a difference to the result.

So here’s a helpful chart to clarify the situation.

Cracked it!


 U.K. Canada and U.S.
Very Large  Jumbo
Large Extra Large
Medium Large
Small Medium