Can be used in powdered or leaf form to set jellies, mousses and terrines. It is preferential to use the leaf form as it gives a more consistent result and the powdered form can become lumpy if handled incorrectly.


Leaf gelatine – U.K.

Must be softened before it is added to liquid to be set. This can be done by soaking it in water or by adding it to some of the cooking liquid. Leave for 5 minutes.

Once it has been softened, squeeze out the liquid and then add it to warm or hot liquid and stir until smooth to ensure that it dissolves fully and becomes evenly dispersed.

If it is to be added to a cold liquid, it will still need to be dissolved in a small amount of warm liquid first. To do this, warm a small amount of the liquid and stir the gelatine into it until smooth. This diluted gelatine can then be stirred into the remaining liquid and chilled until set.


Powdered gelatine – U.K.

12g sachet of powdered gelatine is the equivalent of 4–5 leaves of gelatine to set 500ml liquid to a jelly that can be turned out.

15g sachet of powdered gelatine will set 500ml/18 fl oz fruit juice to a jelly consistency.

Place 3–4 tablespoons of cold water (or cooking liquid) into a small bowl. Sprinkle the powdered gelatine evenly over the water and leave to soak for 4 minutes. The gelatine will have absorbed the liquid and become swollen and spongy. Dissolve the gelatine by placing the bowl into a larger bowl filled with boiled water and leave to dissolve for 3 minutes. Stir with a small spoon until the granules are completely dissolved and the gelatine is smooth and translucent.

It is now ready to add to the liquid to be set. If adding to hot liquid, slowly pour the melted gelatine into the liquid and stir until incorporated.

If adding to cold liquid, heat a small amount of the liquid and stir this into the gelatine until smooth. Add to the remaining liquid and stir well. Chill to allow it to set.


Powdered gelatine – Canada

Following the instructions on the packet of Knox gelatine. Pour one pouch of gelatine over 50ml/¼ cup of cold water. Add 50ml/¼ cup boiling water and stir until the gelatine has dissolved, about 2 minutes.

It is then ready to be incorporated into the recipe being used.

1 pouch of gelatine will set 500ml/18 fl oz of liquid.


Setting time

Small pots or individual dishes will take 5–6 hours in the fridge. Larger items will take 7–8 hours. They will keep covered and refrigerated for two days.



Dip the bottom of the moulds in broiling water for about 5 seconds and then turn out on to serving plates



Gelatine should not be boiled as this will destroy its setting properties.

Dishes with gelatine cannot be frozen as they lose their smoothness on defrosting.